Information that a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies must show

Your sponsor must provide on the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) comprehensive information about the course of study.

Before applying for a Student Visa, you should check whether your sponsor provided on the CAS the title of course, the academic level of course, the course start and end dates, the number of hours of study per week, and the confirmation on whether the course is part-time or full-time.

Your sponsor must also indicate the address of the main place of study, and the cost of accommodation and fees.

If you have been assessed by use of one or more references, your sponsor must provide on the CAS details of the references assessed.

If the course involves a work placement, check whether your sponsor included on the CAS details of the work placement.

If the course will be provided by an education provider which is not your sponsor, details of the partner institution should also be provided.

Where relevant, there should be confirmation whether the course is a recognised Foundation Programme for postgraduate doctors or dentists, and whether requires a certificate from the Postgraduate Dean.

It is very important to check whether your sponsor provided on the CAS a statement of how your English language ability has been assessed, including, where relevant, your English language test scores in all 4 components (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

If the course is part of a study abroad programme, the name and address of the partner institution must be provided.

If you have previously been granted permission as a Student, your sponsor must provide a confirmation that the new course meets the academic progress requirement.

According to Home Office caseworkers guidance, mandatory information shown on the CAS is used to determine whether or not you meet the requirements of the route you apply under. It also determines your work rights and ability to bring dependants to the UK with you if you are granted permission. This is why it is so important to check whether all the relevant information above is provided on the CAS.

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